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Lyn Franks on the Issues

Lyn Franks

I believe we deserve good jobs, neighborhoods and communities that are safe and thriving, and a full statutory PFD. I love the Northeast Muldoon community—and I'd like your help to make it even better!

Full Statutory PFD

PFD LogoAlaska's natural resources belong to all of us. This is guaranteed in the Alaska State Consitution. 

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Fund Education

As a UAA Adjunct instructor, I can personally attest to how the cuts to funding for Preschool-12 and Alaska's University system have depleted our educational resources. 

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Public Safety

CrimeThink about how you'd feel if you went to pick up your mail and found the mailbox door pried open and the contents gone. 

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Climate Change

Sustainable EnergyEvery time I hear about another new record high air or sea temperature, I feel my heart break a little for my children and grandchildren. What is their future going to be like?

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Labor Unions

Labor Word Cloud

The Dunleavy administration is working to pass legislation that will force state workers to opt in to their unions every year—as opposed to being able to opt out once a year—setting up a bureaucratic obstacle course that will act as an assault on workers’ rights. Make no mistake “right to work” means “right to work for less”.

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Alaska and Health Care

Healthcare CostsAs the possibility of a global pandemic looms, the state must take decisive steps to test and protect the people of Alaska. It’s important that the governor provide for comprehensive and affordable access to widespread COVID-19 testing, including for the uninsured. This virus provides the best argument for affordable healthcare for all.

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